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Just curious I always thought the Surface Dial looked interesting, I have never bought one or used it though. It’s been a few years now, has there been that much third party support for it? I think the idea of the product was great I just always wondered how much third party support it would get. Wondering who out there bought one and do you still use the thing? If so where and how are you using it and how helpful is it really? You don’t hear too much about these days has it just grown stagnant with no updates to it? I know the SP4 just got support for it but more has the dial itself gotten any meaningful feature update?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    There's not much third party support for Dial that I'm aware of. But Corel does support Dial in its creative tools.

  2. lvthunder

    I use mine all the time. Mostly with Photoshop and Lightroom. It's a bit tricky to setup in Lightroom though. Premiere also supports it. For apps that don't you can define custom functions for it. So if you can use the keyboard to do it more than likely you can configure the dial to do it as well.

  3. StudBen

    Thanks, so what I thought more or less

  4. harmjr

    If you are an artist or someone who wants a $100 scroll do-hickey go for it other wise. Skip it.

    I bought one right as they came out. I used it for a bit to scroll, and do the rewind feature now built into OneNote and Word.

    I didn't care for it as a volume control. I have Drawboard PDF and it works with it but I almost never use that app anymore but you can watch on youtube

  5. tahj

    Me, it makes me think especially of a SpaceNavigator who would wander on the screen.


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  6. jwpear

    If I were a digital artist and had a Surface Studio, I'd absolutely have one. Outside of that, I just can't see it being all that productive.