The Biggest Problem with Windows 10


Windows over the years, always had several themes. Windows 7 and Vista, had Aero Glass, Aero Basic and Windows Classic themes. Windows XP had the Luna and Classic style themes as well. Windows 8 even had a (deprecated) theme, called Aero Lite, which was a variant of the main theme.

Now, with Windows 10, there is only 1 theme. That is the, flattened remnant of what was formally Aero Glass, from Vista and 7. While it is just ok. It is not very eye pleasing, like how Aero Glass was.

Microsoft needs to allow, or bring back themes! Either Microsoft, should have a theme section in the Microsoft App Store. Or, Microsoft should freely allow users to install, any 3rd party, custom theme they desire. For instance, if a user want’s Windows 10 to look like Windows 98 or even Vista. They could simply download and install this theme from official Microsoft App store.

What do you think? Should Microsoft bring more themes to Windows 10?

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