Windows 10 Start Menu Bug


Does anyone here, experience this too?

After, installing a new, Radeon or GeForce graphics driver. The Windows 10 Start Menu, refuses to open?


*Restarting Windows does, always fix the issues. Or, restarting explorer.exe in task manager.

It appears, this is still an ongoing, unresolved bug, with the Windows 10 UI. Although very minor, it shouldn’t be occurring, after 6 years of feature updates!

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  1. arnstarr

    Happened to me on Sunday after installation of a Nividia card.

  2. erichk

    Trying to remember similar behavior on some of my machines. I think I've seen cases where the Start menu itself would be blank, or at least most of the tiles. And like you mentioned, restarting the explorer process can fix it.

    Haven't experienced it recently though. But yes, it's one of those annoying software quality issues that should have been ironed out by now.

  3. xperiencewindows

    What is the problem? I can't tell from the screenshot.

    Also, what version of Windows 10 is that? Looks out of date

  4. JE

    Experienced this on a laptop without dedicated graphics card just this weekend. I nuked the SSD, reloaded a windows ISO and then on first boot into windows the start menu refused to open until I rebooted the system by logging out of windows and then triggering the restart from that interface. Presumably what was happening was a driver was applied via windows update, but left the UI in a crashed state and PC was unusable.

  5. jimchamplin

    It's something that happens occasionally in Windows 10, it doesn't need a driver update. The very idea that the Start UI could fail is a bit absurd.

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