Windows 11?


When Windows 10 came out in 2015, it was supposed to be, the last version of Windows (it was not).

However, Windows 10 has been increasing in versions, from 1607, now at 1903. From my perspective, Windows 10 is just meandering, with no real goal or vision. Sure, Microsoft has included new themes, and refinements to the OS. They are also, getting rid of bloatware, and unifying the system settings. Something that was messy in Windows 8.

Windows 10 is still, fundamentally the same OS. It still has the same start menu, the same old file explorer (no tabs still), etc. At some point, people will eventually become bored or unexcited with Windows 10. Many people already are right now.

This is why I feel, Microsoft should just do a complete reboot of Windows again. Release a new Windows, called Windows 11 or something else. Release a totally new theme, or keep the light theme they have now. Additionally, make Windows 10 even further lighter and resource efficient. Most importantly, make it with less major system updates, and only with feature and app updates. Updates, that you don’t have to perform an entire OS upgrade. This would entice, especially business users.

What are you thoughts?