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For anyone who uses Windows 7 still. What are your experiences in 2018, and also rationale for using it?

Me: I no longer use Windows 7, but my father does. It works pretty well for him, on his old Dell XPS 9100.

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  1. wunderbar

    We still have it on roughly 75% of our PC's at work, in the process of migrating to 10.

    And honestly, for what we use Windows for at work, users notice basically no difference between 7 and 10. the start menu is a different colour, oulook notifications look different. That's about it. I honestly use both every single day and while I prefer 10, 7 is not the dumpster fire that some people make it out to sound like.

    For home use, I do disagree with paul a bit in that I think Win7 is fine for most people. I wouldn't advocate people downgrading to it, but if they still have a PC on Win7 and it works, there's little need to upgrade it.

  2. Tony Barrett

    Windows 7 is great. Rock solid, reliable and does the job. There's very little wrong with it, and that's Microsoft's big problem. Why change something that works fine? Only the end of support date (the one MS are almost certainly going to have to extend) is going to force people off it, and even then it's going to be very, very difficult.

  3. hrlngrv

    Who uses an OS to use the OS?

    If a PC still runs the software one wants to run, one keep current with security updates, and one doesn't want to explore new & different, don't try fixing something that works.

    I still use Windows 7 at work. I don't use many different programs there, and I have keyboard shortcuts to launch the dozen or so I use at least weekly. I seldom use its Start menu. As for performance, the standard image runs a few 3rd party services in addition to the usual, so they could be responsible for any perceived sluggishness.

    As for home, I have a VM running Windows 7, but I only use it to test things.

  4. jimchamplin

    I never used it. Went straight from Vista to 8.

    So in a way I have used it, since I used the versions on either side of it. I’d say it’s probably the oldest version that I’d be okay with using.

    But only if I don’t have to install it clean. If the choice is installing 7 clean or 10, even if I know 7 might run a little better (doubtful) I’ll go 10 to avoid the two or more day update grind.

  5. skane2600

    During the free upgrade period I went from 7 to 10 and started having problems. Ultimately every time I tried to install the Anniversary update, it would always fail at the last minute. Eventually the system just crashed and none of the recovery schemes were successful.

    Eventually I booted from a RAM test CD and found one of the memory tests failed (the one where data is written and then checked after a time delay). So I removed the memory modules one at a time until I could identify which one was failing and removed the failed module permanently . Then I ordered the OEM disks for my computer from a company that sells them (My PC was an old Gateway so I couldn't get the disks from the manufacturer) and reinstalled everything and the Win7 system works (although with less RAM -haven't bothered to replace the bad module).

    I suspect that the Windows 10 upgrade failed because of some system consistency check that failed during the very long install process that was caused by the bad module. Considering all the hassle involved in getting the PC working again, I'm not really motivated to attempt to go back to Windows 10 especially if I had to buy it.

    The only reason I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 in the first place was the possibility of writing UWP apps but my interest faded pretty fast. There's really nothing unique that Windows 10 offers that I'm interested in.

  6. wright_is

    I had to install a new "Windows 7 Pro n" VM last week - it is used for testing only, it forms a baseline to test against for our companies range of IT security products.

    Other than that, I haven't used Windows 7 my self for about 3 years, but at my previous employer, new PCs were being downgraded up until last summer for the CAD and engineering departments (until our supplier stopped selling pre-Skylake PCs and they had to make the jump).

  7. Oasis

    I still use Windows 7 on 3 of the 5 PC's in the house, and 8.1 on the 4th and Lubuntu on the 5th one(was Vista). Since I would have to pay to upgrade these and they are 4th/5th series Intel and earlier. They work fine, updated all four of them on patch Tuesday in a hour. 2023 will come soon enough. Maybe they win finish windows 10 by then.....

  8. AlexThaimor

    windows 7 is an emotion.I am still using it.I really love that.

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  9. rowling

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