Windows – .NET 3 and beyond


With .NET 3 in the books and .NET 5 underway, personally I think Q4 -2019 would be a defining quarter for Windows o/s relevance. If Microsoft does not make any headway with announcing definitive road-map for WoA, Lite o/s and Win 10 IoT, Windows will surely be relegated to Desktop. Already they are so far behind with no o/s running in devices with chipsets from Rockchip, Allwinner etc. These days even a mid range phone is running with 4+ GB RAM and 64+ GB. If collectively with all its resources Microsoft cannot get an o/s into the market, Windows may well deserved to be delegated to be a desktop o/s.

I am kind of getting a bit tired of this whole kumbaya thing and for me at least, Microsoft seems to be losing its way. With its head firmly in the cloud, they are also losing the communication and connection with developers which surely is not a good sign.

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