Are all launcher feeds crap?


Why is it that every mobile launcher feed is crap? My main phone is a Pixel and Google’s default Google feed is a bunch of clickbait articles and ads. If I go to Google News “Latest” I get hours or days old news, and they don’t change even if I have read the article already. Half are about some gruesome murder or unusual death, or follow ups to the original story. The murder stories go on for weeks or months. Despite the fact they collect all sorts of data on me most of the feed and news is not of interest. Aren’t they supposed to be feeding me “more relevant content?” Bing News or whatever they call it now is no better. Apple News sometimes seems a bit better, but not much. I’ve tried some other apps with feeds, like Evie Launcher, which does offer better news sources at least. But, most of the stories are days old and don’t change very often. Are there any launchers with decent feeds that are timely and provide you with content you want to see?

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