First Smartphone


What was the first smartphone you owned?

Mine was like a LG Optimus, which at the time was decent. Now it is just a dumb phone. Some apps still work, like Youtube. Logging into Google, doesn’t. 


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  1. 224

    Mine was an HTC XDA II, with Windows Mobile 2003...loved the apps and how it was possible to upgrade the OS on it, but it was terrible as an actual phone, the phone app was very unstable.

  2. 10506

    It was HTC HD2

    now I prefer iphones

  3. AshlyThompson

    Here is mine first one Siemens A51. Oh I miss this game with blocks. Who remember how it's called? This one https: // can'p post image :(

  4. Usman

    Nokia E66 then the x6.

    After those it was the Samsung Omnia 7, the European version of the Samsung Focus.

  5. danjohndj

    Nokia E71

  6. Jeshmi D

    It was iPhone 6, after a long wait finally my 1st iPhone. It runs on iOS 8 and has good camera quality as well as there are some features that only Apple can offer. There has always being a debate on Android vs iOS. Now I can say that iOS wins the race.

  7. 5027

    Nokia N95

  8. 1959

    Technically, my first was the HTC Juno (known as the T-Mobile Shadow). No touch screen and had a super cheap data plan, but ran Windows Mobile so it could be considered a smartphone. My first proper smartphone was the HTC Touch Pro II.

  9. 1888

    Nokia Lumia 710 - I considered it an upgrade from my Zune HD.  It was a great music player.  Too bad MS destroyed that functionality with WP 8.  I tried out quite a few after that moving to a Lumia 521, then a Lumia 635, then getting a Lumia 930.  That's when I jumped ship and got a Nexus 5x - I like the apps but I do miss my Windows phone...

  10. 5664

    Samsung Blackjack. A non-touchscreen Windows Mobile device with a full keyboard. Yep, a WinMo Blackberry ripoff by the masters of ripoff. Loved texting on it, but it broke literally in my pocket and replaced it with a then new iPhone 3GS.

    Never went back from touch at that point.

  11. 5177

    First was a HTC HD2 (which still works), although I made the mistake of putting Android on it and I lost all my WM apps. (Should have kept with WinMo 6.5 as a relic).

    Then after HD2 I had, HD7 (POS), HTC Titan, Lumia 900, Lumia 1520 and now Xperia Z5 Premium.

  12. 313

    the HTC Touch, running Windows Mobile (I think 6.1) with HTC's "touchflow UI"  (think the precurser to sense).

    My carrier in Canada didn't consider it a "smartphone" so they applied different plans to it.  I got unlimited data on it for $5/month.  I mean, it was slow as hell and the internet barely actually worked, but it was $5/month.  

    Went from there to a Palm Pre.  So when that ship also sank ended up on Android and won't go back.

  13. 9698

    HTC Evo 4g LTE, and less than a year later moved to a Lumia 521 after learning about WP.

    • 5477

      In reply to aevans006:

      I had the HTC Evo 4G LTE also, and was my second phone. It was a great phone, and had a great display, performance, a good camera. The best thing about it, it had a kickstand! 

  14. 5496

    Mine was the original iPhone. I got it before they had app, when they were webapps.

    My next phone was like 5 years later, a Lumia 520. about 2 years later a Lumia 640. Still using the 640 today. 

  15. 9032

    Nokia N97 Mini

  16. 49

    Palm Treo 700w and then quickly upgraded to the wx once it came out for that delicious extra RAM.

  17. 5530

    Lumia 710. The only retail Windows phone that had physical buttons. I liked the design of it although it was considered ugly next to the Lumia 800. The phone had a bug with not being able lock properly and not being able to hangup in the calling screen, which were eventually fixed and then it was all right..........until someone pickpocketed my phone when I was sleeping on the bus. RIP

  18. beckerrt

    HTC Trophy on Verizon. I don't think I ever saw another one out in the wild other than mine. Got a Lumia 520 after that.