What We Use: Phones – Fall 2021


What smartphones does everyone here use, in Fall 2021


I use a Google Pixel 4a 5G

Phenomenal camera, great battery life, vibrant display and mostly reliable!

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  1. thejoefin

    iPhone 8. It is a good phone, does what I ask of it.

    Will probably be upgrading to the iPhone 13 soon though.

  2. h8zgray

    Hi all, still sticking with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ Performance Edition,

    Everything I need so far plus the storage at 1.5 TB mean I can carry a backup of my computer encrypted yet accessible, plus the camera is still not half bad, don't mind the headphone jack (yeah I'm one of those)...

    All things being equal I still miss my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (yeah, I'm still one of those)...

  3. rob_segal

    Still on the Galaxy Note 10+. Screen cracked while it was in my pocket. I'm deciding between a Galaxy S21 Ulta, Pixel 6 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro. I have an iPad Mini and recently replaced my Windows laptop with a MacBook Air. IPhone 13 Pro might be my next phone when I decide to upgrade after I switch mobile carriers.

    • casualadventurer

      Like you, I had the Samsung Galaxy 10 and cracked the screen. Since I didn't want to spend another grand on a phone at that time, I decided to buy a TCL 10Pro. For $350 I got a phone that was almost identical to the Samsung, but with a better screen (HDR10 compatible). The internals were nearly identical. I'm so happy with it that I doubt I'll buy a premium phone ever again.

  4. bgoodbody

    Samsung S10e

  5. MacLiam

    OnePlus 9 Pro. I also carry a iPhone 8+ as a backup/crisis replacement.

  6. winner

    Another Pixel 4a5G here. Very pleased with it, the perfect size for me.

  7. jeffrye

    I've got an iPhone Xr that has the best battery life I've ever experienced in a phone.

    ALSO - my son is happily using my old Nokia Lumia 635 and he has no plans to give it up any time soon.

  8. harmjr

    Pixel 4a 5G I am very happy.

  9. red.radar

    Iphone SE 2020. As soon as it launched I gambled that the Pandemic was going to be around a while so I wanted to go back to touch ID. I also wanted a smaller device. The Iphone X MAX was too big for my liking.

  10. arnstarr

    Galaxy Note 10.

  11. darkgrayknight

    Samsung Note 9 - all paid off and still running great. I'd love to get a Surface Duo, but the third iteration would probably be the better one. I really miss my Nokia Icon Windows phone, but the battery just won't hold charge any more. Mostly I miss some of the "ideas" that were great for the short time they worked: People hub, grouping contacts across multiple accounts, Texting/Facebook messaging within the same interface, etc.

  12. dftf

    Pixel 3a, and sadly only May next-year until guaranteed updates will stop.

    Given how many parts of the OS have been put into the Play Store to get updated outside of monthly-updates I might risk keep using it until the Black Friday period and see what's on-offer then (maybe a Pixel 7a or 8a by then?). Shame though, as it's pretty-much all still working-fine, aside from (the expected) slightly-less battery-capacity than when new, and some slight speaker-crackle when the volume is near-full. But were updates still offered, I'd be fine to keep on using it longer...

  13. scj123

    Note 20 Ultra 5g, first Samsung phone and loving it

  14. mcerdas

    Samsung Galaxy S7. It still works

  15. christianwilson

    I've been using an iPhone 11 for about two years. I will keep it until the battery isn't holding up.

  16. steenmachine

    iPhone XR. Performance is top notch.

  17. paull90

    iPhone XR - I don't see any reason to upgrade right now. Battery Health is still good and I don't see anything on the later models that would justify the upgrade.

  18. usman

    S21 Ultra - got a good trade-in on my Note 9, the buds pro and bunch of accessories were included for free

  19. justme

    Iphone 11. Does what I need.

  20. George Coll

    Note 10, just preordered the Pixel Pro 6

  21. txag

    iPhone 12 mini — nice, pocketable phone.

    • dftf

      Yeah, it's hard to find something small in the Android world that doesn't also mean "crap spec". Your phone is 13.2cm tall by 6.4cm wide. The closest I can find are the Samsung Galaxy A40 or Google Pixel 4a (the non-5G model), both of which are approx 14.4cm tall and 6.9cm wide (or the Samsung Galaxy S10e is 14.2cm by 7.0cm).

      Sadly, the Sony Xperia Compact range (13.0x6.5cm for the 2017 "XZ1", or 13.5x6.5cm for the 2018 "XZ2") aren't a thing in Western markets, thesedays. Both of those are very-similar sizes to your one, but I doubt there is anything remotely-close in the Android world now.

  22. StevenLayton

    If someone doesn’t proudly announce they’re still using a Windows Phone I’m going to be massively disappointed, lol.

    • jeffrye

      My son still uses a Nokia Lumia 635 and he's quite happy with it.

    • mcerdas

      Well, the day I had to start using my beloved Lumia 920 was the day I lost interest in phones. I got my current phone then, and I will probably keep it until it croaks

      • dftf

        I'm sure there are videos of people installing Android on various Windows Phone devices, so you could keep the hardware but install an OS you can actually still get apps for...

  23. jason_e

    I use an iPhone 13 Pro for as my daily. I have also ordered a Pixel 6 Pro to play around with. I don't normally do 2 phones but I decided I wanted to see what Google was up to and Android 12 looks nice.

  24. sabarrett

    I"m finally upgrading my iPhone 7 Plus to a lightly used 12 pro. I don't need the latest tech for my phone, and the 7 has been working fine. Its on its second battery and some things are behaving wonky - app crashes, calls coming in after a voice mail, texts coming in late... If its not failing, its not playing well with the new OS. I figure 6 years is a good life. I'll do a reset and sell it to someone to help pay for the 2 pro.