Windows Phone guy goes ‘Rogue’ (Android). Which do I really prefer ?


I have wondered whether to write this or not. Whether anyone would actually be that interested. But after some thought I thought why not.

Why, well because of those hardcore WP fans. And yes even thought i now have a daily driver that is an Android I am still a WP fan.

The main reason for this is that I cracked the screen on my OnePlus 3t and am having to use my 930 while its being fixed.

I have been useing my OnePlus for just over 4 months now so what are my thoughts and the phone, using Android and things in general.

My biggest influence in moving to Android was all that Paul wrote and said on podcasts. I thought i needed to embrace what was happening in the mobile world.

Price was a hude factor in my choice. I was very close to getting a Pixel. But at nearly double the cost of my OnePlus I could not see how I could justify this. The one HUGE difference with Paul and me, the camera is not of utmost importance. I have a semi professional SLR with additional lenses for photography.

But as Paul has found that the OnePlus is a real high end phone and compared to the WP’s ive had and still have it beats them hands down. The OnePlus is an awesome phone.

Android has the apps and on a 5 week vacation to the US is had all the apps i needed. And some are truly awesome. You cannot beat a purpose built app. The web just doesnt do it . I can only say that from using the Amazon app on Android as one example and the Amazon web on WP. Android wins hands down.

Now I know the true dedicated WP fans will probably dismiss most of what i say and I do understand. But you need to embrace the future because companies are NOT going to make great apps for WP.

But and yes a big BUT, WP as an OS kicks Andoird’s ass. WP OS does so much better, the intergration, the ease of reseting a phone and getting everything back, the home screen too (ok a simple basic feature but Android and IOS are boring). And after a day with my old 930 i miss Windows Phone. It rocks. Is better as an OS. 100% better.

Now there are some slight things i like with Android on my OnePlus, yes that are better than WP, but ultimately WP OS wins hands down.

The problem with this is that in real life if you want certain apps then WP is nearly dead.

So what do you go for Android or IOS. Well i will never ever get something from the devil (Apple). You can find as good devices for a fraction of the price.

Now I am just waiting for the OnePlus 5 and Microsofts apps that make Android good and to see if the Arrow launcher can really start to do what it should and could do.

Thank you for reading.

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