Windows Phone guy goes ‘Rogue’ (Android). Which do I really prefer ?


I have wondered whether to write this or not. Whether anyone would actually be that interested. But after some thought I thought why not.

Why, well because of those hardcore WP fans. And yes even thought i now have a daily driver that is an Android I am still a WP fan.

The main reason for this is that I cracked the screen on my OnePlus 3t and am having to use my 930 while its being fixed.

I have been useing my OnePlus for just over 4 months now so what are my thoughts and the phone, using Android and things in general.

My biggest influence in moving to Android was all that Paul wrote and said on podcasts. I thought i needed to embrace what was happening in the mobile world.

Price was a hude factor in my choice. I was very close to getting a Pixel. But at nearly double the cost of my OnePlus I could not see how I could justify this. The one HUGE difference with Paul and me, the camera is not of utmost importance. I have a semi professional SLR with additional lenses for photography.

But as Paul has found that the OnePlus is a real high end phone and compared to the WP’s ive had and still have it beats them hands down. The OnePlus is an awesome phone.

Android has the apps and on a 5 week vacation to the US is had all the apps i needed. And some are truly awesome. You cannot beat a purpose built app. The web just doesnt do it . I can only say that from using the Amazon app on Android as one example and the Amazon web on WP. Android wins hands down.

Now I know the true dedicated WP fans will probably dismiss most of what i say and I do understand. But you need to embrace the future because companies are NOT going to make great apps for WP.

But and yes a big BUT, WP as an OS kicks Andoird’s ass. WP OS does so much better, the intergration, the ease of reseting a phone and getting everything back, the home screen too (ok a simple basic feature but Android and IOS are boring). And after a day with my old 930 i miss Windows Phone. It rocks. Is better as an OS. 100% better.

Now there are some slight things i like with Android on my OnePlus, yes that are better than WP, but ultimately WP OS wins hands down.

The problem with this is that in real life if you want certain apps then WP is nearly dead.

So what do you go for Android or IOS. Well i will never ever get something from the devil (Apple). You can find as good devices for a fraction of the price.

Now I am just waiting for the OnePlus 5 and Microsofts apps that make Android good and to see if the Arrow launcher can really start to do what it should and could do.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. TechnologyTemperance

    I knew people who fought tooth-and-nail to keep their Palm Treos and their Blackberry handhelds in the workplace. I always admired their persistence.

  2. pecosbob04

    " You can find as good devices for a fraction of the price."

    You have just invoked one of my favorite meaningless phases:

    1/8, 11/14, 99/100, 52/69, and 123/43 are all fractions so which of these or any other fraction is the one you mean?

  3. davidD

    Couldn't agree with you more. I'm in the same position as you - I recently switched to a Moto G5 Plus and I agree that WP is so much better as an OS for the reasons you mentioned, which is why it's so frustrating that it's just not feasible at the moment to buy a WP anymore. For a select few people who really don't use apps, it's fine, but it seems the time has passed now where the support (apps & features, looking at you, MS) but for the vast majority, you just can't recommend it anymore. Sad :(

    Hopefully they can bring some sort of mobile device in the future that's truly different and capture the imagination of the public and developers, but I'm not holding my breath!

  4. Markld

    WP is just better in a day-to-day experience. I have been using a MS Lumia 735 for about a year and a half now, really like it. I miss my previous 928 because of its camera. I mostly use my phone for business. I use MS apps, and my phones are mostly for email, texting, sharing photos, posting to sites like this. I do not do any social media, waste of time. Its true I don't know what I am missing.

    WP is so not boring, and the 'whack-a-mole' experience of iOS and Android is so uninspiring and boring!

    I will be switching to either iOS or Android sometime this year and I really hate that idea, or I can keep my 735 going till it dies.

    I am leaning toward the OnePlus 5, too.  Hopefully, the wait will pay out, Microsoft's apps & the promise Arrow launcher exhibits may make Android tolerable to me. It may finally get me to switch an OS after 5 years.

    Thanks for your post, I definitely was interested.

    • Shane

      In reply to Markld:

      Thanks for your comments.

      I have a real passion for WP that's the only reason I have wrote these posts. But with a great deal of pain I realised that I would need to change.

      With all that Microsoft puts into its apps for Android why the @%$£ don't they turn Android into what would push MOBILE into the next level.

  5. Bats

    Well, Shane is certainly entitled to his opinion. An opinion it is, as the case for Windows Phone over Android has NOT been made. For one thing, Windows Phone is to Microsoft as Pixel to Google and iPhone is to Apple. I own a Pixel XL and a Lumia 735. At the time, I bought the Lumia 735, I was using a Galaxy Note 4. Yeah, the integration was better in the Lumia 735, for obvious reasons, but with the Pixel don't even think about it. As for Shane's experience with the OnePLUS series of phones, I hope he realizes that he does not have pure Android on his phone. It's my understanding he's using OnePlus's flanker OS called Oxygen that is mixed with Android. A pure Android phone will not have anything running in the background that does not come from Google themselves. 

    Also, Android and iOS have boring homescreens and Windows Phone is exciting? LOL...that's new and confusing. The Android homescreen is whatever you want it to be.That can't be said about Windows Phone. With Windows Phone, you are stuck with one screen-one style all the time. You can make small subtle changes, but overall you can't escape the Metro look. That's what makes Windows Phone and iOS seem like "cousins."

    As for resetting the phone and get everything back. Android has had that feature back in the day when Windows Phone was just a concept and Windows Mobile was still alive. I don't understand that particular point by Shane.

    One thing, that needs to be stated is that Windows Phone has always been "late" technology. Windows Phone brought absolutely nothing new to mobile technology. Plain and simple, "it's me too" technology. As a technology fan, that's super-boring. Take for example WP "Live tiles." You mean to tell me that concept was original? In the Android world, they're called widgets and that's been around since 2010. Cortana is another feature that was super-late in the game. When Cortana came out to mimick Siri and Google Now, Google was making Google Now voice activated. And so on, and so on....

    I have said this in reply to one of Paul's posts, but I see no reason why Windows Phone fans need to switch out to Android or iOS. Pretty much all consumption level apps are web driven and website these days keep mobile browsers (and users) in mind. Obviously, if you need a particular app (and I stress NEED), then by all means switch to Android or iOS, but for the casual smartphone users, why switch? All Microsoft would have to do is update and optimize their browser. It's that simple! 

  6. mmcpher

    Sure, Samsung makes some excellent hardware, including the Galaxy S8+ on Android which I've been using for about 2 weeks, along with my HP Elite x3 on Windows Mobile (Fast Ring Insider Build) which has been my daily driver since its release. The SGS8+ seems to have a quicker chip, is faster while on cellular and is a more delicate device than the enterprisey x3. I prefer the wider screen of the x3 to the taller, thinner SGS8+. I also prefer the x3 WM keyboard. I do like the unthinking and automatic access to apps, and the frequent updates. What I do not like on Android is the absence of the Outlook mail app as it functions on WM. The best email app for me on Android is their version of Outlook, but it doesn't yet have all the functions of the WM version. I have tried and like Nine and Newton a lot but they're not there. I use my phone more for email than anything else, and this is where is Android lags, even though they do a generally better job than WM with text wrapping on the small screen, particularly when you are using larger fonts.

    And the integration, backup and syncing on Android is a disaster. To be fair, this could be a little hairy on WM but as everything ultimately was running to and through either OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business, I have confidence that the doc or photo or file I need is there even if it isn't directly on my phone. But now with the SGS8+, there's this queasy war among Google/Google Assistant/Google Drive and Office 365/Outlook/OneDrive and Bixby and all the Samsung chuff and all the ATT apps and services. It's like a virtual Ratking writhing around on my phone trying to snatch contacts and app defaults from one another. It is awful.