Windows Phone guy goes ‘Rouge’ (Andriod)


Hi Everyone

I am a WP fanboy from the UK. I got a WP as soon as they launched and have been a fan ever since. I’ve converted many too WP. I currently use  950.

Now comes the but. I have bought a OnePlus 3t. Yes im going Andriod. Why you may ask. Well yes in general WP does all I need. But there are times when there’s an app i could do with especially when going on holiday. So yes I’m leaving WP.

If anyone is interested I am going to update this thread with my experience of going to Andriod, having only ever used Windows products for everything.

I’ve has the phone now 3 days. At present it is not my daily phone. I’m getting the apps I need and getting used to how it works. 

So what do i think so far. Well its interesting, exciting trying something new. Do I miss parts of what WP is, how it works hell yes. But I think the reason for that is is that ive only ever used WP.

The phone is quick, very quick and the battery since its first charge still has 43%. That will be interesting to see when Im using it full time.

The finger print scanner, WOW, AMAZING. Quick at unlocking the phone is an understatement.

Getting the phone up and running was easy thanks to Paul’s advice and help from posts he’s made.

Will I miss WP, yes. But this is real life and times have moved on. And compared to my 950 the 3t feels like a premium phone with hows its made.

As I said I will update this or put knew posts for those on WP so they can get an honest opinion from a WP fanboy and his experince.


Thanks for reading.


UPDATE. The OnePlus 3t is now my daily phone. Lets see how this goes.

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