Windows Phone Guy goes ‘[email protected] (Andriod) UPDATE


Hi Readers

This is about my experience of going from WP to Andriod. I have had the phone for 1 week and used it as my main phone for the last 4 days.

The phone I chose is the OnePlus 3t. The phone as a phone is awesome.

Battery life is like i have never experince. An app that on WP has always drained the battery so so quick, yes does on my 3t but nowhere near the same. The battery is excellent.

Finger print sensor. WOW. Not much else to say but WOW. Awesome amazing, i’ll add that.

Now too the most important part that those WP fans will want to know. The user experience. Yes at the moment I am missing the detail of WP 10 fast ring insider build offers. My 3t is waiting for 7.0 so from what i read things will get better.

But overall yes i miss what Ive always done with WP arrange and resize tiles, but honestly this is the only reason to stay with WP. I do miss being able to pin so much more to the home screen to, especially some settings.

I do have the Microsoft arrow launch which is great. Gives in a way some WP feel. 

I have got used to the way things work quite quickly. Some detail like setting stuff is taking time. Doing certain things quickly like I have done. But then isnt that the same with everything new it can take time.

Windows Phone went in a total different direction which was new exciting and yes better in many many ways than IOS and Andriod. It was new, is it the future NO.

I will post again because from my own experience as a WP fan I refused for ages to agree with Pauls take on WP.

BUT THE APPS. DAMN PEOPLE. Yes apps. You say like I did I have all i need. Thats because you dont know whats out there.

From a WP fanboy to others. Just do it. Treat it as an exciting challenge. Something exciting to do. I should have done it a year ago rather than buy my 950.

I certainly dont regret my change now and know I wont. How. Sorry but it will come down to the amount of apps that can allow you to do so much.


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