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Several years ago I took my physical DVD and Blu-ray collection and converted them to video ts and uploaded them to my synology NAS.  I use Kodi to stream them via an HTPC for my living room.

The HTPC is nearly EOL and my xbox one seems to be doing a fine job posting the few MKV movies and TV series that I have.

Anyone have a great video converter to use on my video ts collection?  I think MKV would work best.  I need to preserve the quality and sound as I have a nice 5.1 system and 65″ UHD set.

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  1. 6599

    What about Handbrake?

  2. 5416

    Handbrake is not only the best, it's also open source and free. If your CPU has QuickSync be sure to change the video encode to use it.

  3. 180

    Third vote for Handbrake.

  4. 223

    I use Freemake Video Converter and it does decent work. It'll output to MKV and several other formats. It's free, but you can also purchase 'upgrades' that will improve conversion time, add some features, and the like.

    The only thing you have to be aware of is that in the installation, they try to sneak in crapware. It's a bit hard to notice due to how they have the installation screens designed. But other than that - I've found it acceptable.