Our first Dolby Atmos experience with Sonos Arc


Just finished The Old Guard from Netflix on our newly bought Sonos Arc (+ 2 * Sonos One as surround, waiting for the Sub to arrive, but we think it will be returned as unneeded) and our 75″ Samsung QLED TV

We … were … blown … away!!!!!

Bought our previous Pioneer receiver back in 2008 with 5.1 and considered it the high standard and enjoyed countless movies on the 120″ HD-projector from PS3 BD-player. We stubbornly sticked with the projector and screen and simple iPads for daily watching. We are glad we skipped a generation or two of home-theater technology and invested in the Samsung and Sonos.

Our movie room is ~250 ft2 and the Sonos Arc is located about 4 in below the TV (not optimum, but all you Americans hang your TVs too high!). The Sonos Ones are 1 ft behind the sofa and spread 3-6 ft left-right. Calibrated the room with TruePlay.

Our thoughts:

Picture: HDR+ on the Samsung is amazing! The lens flares actually stings you in the eyes and lights up the room and the 4K content looks stunning viewed from 18 ft.

Sound: Dolby Atmos is freaking awesome! The spatial location of the sound is uncanny. The sound is actually coming from the actors’ mouths – you are practically THERE!! We expected stunning effects from helicopters flying over your head, but hearing the spent cases from the first scene clinking over the floor stunned us!

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