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Hi all, I’m after a little advice on managing emails across domain names and would welcome some suggestions on services or configuration.

I have two domain names; one for home used by four people and a business one (small freelance jobs) used by two people.

I currently pay for a shared hosted service that gives me a website (small static wordpress site) and email service. All the emails addresses are simply forwarded to equivalent addresses (and gmail in one case). I can then use to receive these emails but more importantly send emails from those domain names too.

I think the hosting solution is overkill and on occasion has issues due to the shared server with other users spamming and the ip address being suspended or black listed.

I guess I am more or less looking for an smtp service. I would be happy to move the website to a free solution, but its low priority compared to the email. The main priority is to be able to send email from outlook or gmail as the domain name.

Any advice?




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