Recommended Retention Period for Teams, Hangouts Chat, Slack?


For everyone out there using a chat-based project collaboration tool (e.g. Teams, Slack, Hangouts Chat) can you tell me how long you’re retaining those messages? Does it differ for 1:1 messages vs. groups/rooms? Our Legal team just announced we’re moving to a 14 day retention policy, which seems way too short for a project collaboration tool. Any suggestions on what I might say to convince them to change their mind?

Their note said in part:

“The decision to implement a retention time limit on messaging was made

after a considerable amount of research and reflection, including a

comprehensive review of best practices at our peer companies. Further,

our reliance on messaging for storage creates challenges for knowledge

sharing, especially when associates leave the organization. Additionally,

while we have relatively few litigations overall, in recent years our costs

from processing email and other messaging for litigation or regulatory

reviews have been extraordinary due to the high volume of irrelevant

material that must be reviewed.”

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