A quick note about the schedule this week


As you may know, I’m leaving for our annual home swap tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be gone for three weeks. We’re heading to Amsterdam this year.

I will be working each day that I’m gone. It’s hard for me not to write. But I will try to take a week off during the three weeks that I’m away, roughly from July 25 to July 30-ish, depending on how the schedule goes. But even during that time, I will write something each day, even if it’s only book updates.

Because of the 6-hour time difference, I’ll be a bit off-schedule each day. My plan is to work a few hours in the morning and the start working again at 3 pm local time, which his 9 am ET. I’ll be recording podcasts normally when possible.

As you may have noticed, I sped up the writing on the Programming Windows series this past week. That was by design: I wanted to get through a few topics for which I had paper-based documentation before I left. I’ll definitely keep going while I’m away, but it will probably slow down a bit.

Because of the travel, I’m going to skip Ask Paul and Short Takes this week, sorry.

I will publish some kind of “what I use” article covering the tech I brought with me on the home swap.

I think that’s about it.