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My sister in law just moved to PA and her daughter was born deaf my wife and I have been helping to watch her and so she can spend time with my daughter who is close in age. My wife and I were wondering if you had any experience or knew what as the best app to help communicate with her or maybe an app to learn sign language. With Christmas around the corner do you know of any tech or anything in general we could buy a 10 year old that might help her or make her life easier thank you.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I can ask my son about this. He's deaf, but he has cochlear implants and can hear well and speak normally, and he only learned sign language when he went to college (at RIT, which has a great program for the deaf).

    What part of PA?

  2. skborders

    Sir, I applaud you for making this effort and in supporting your extended family. Many time people shy away from things like this when it is not their children.

    Maybe there is an application for a tablet that teaches simplified sign language for children. My daughter used it for her children before they could talk and it eased a lot of their frustrations.

  3. 1armedGeek

    Take a look at

    I am not deaf, but I am nonverbal.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    My wife was unaware of anything that might help. Mark said that a lot of the people he knows who sign, including himself, learned it through "culture, classes, or by just seeing it around campus" (he's in a college, RIT, where signing in common). He says he tried a few apps but found them all to be pretty much useless and that you definitely need to learn sign in a class or in person. (Like any language, I guess.) He also said he'd talk to some people who rely on this and get back to me.

  5. SilentHero117

    I would suggest as a place to start. The website is crude, but the professor who created the video is about as clear as you'll find on learning sign language. He has a list of 100 words that serves as the first signs you should learn. Take it from me that you will have a tremendous impact on this girl's life by learning sign language. I've been deaf all my life and I can tell you firsthand that even the most basic communication in sign language is appreciated and remembered. The important thing about learning sign language is to use it everyday and it is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do. I wish you nothing but the best and I'll be lurking around from time to time if you need further assistance.