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I like the feel of HP’s Spectre X360 laptop keyboards. Does anyone know they make an external keyboard that has a similar feel? Their slim and slim business keyboards look like they might be similar but it’s hard to tell from the photos.

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  1. JE

    As an owner of the latest spectre x360 and multiple current HP keyboards I am qualified to answer. The premium collaboration keyboard (Z9N39AA) is what you want. It is not a straight external version of spectre keyboard, but it is a premium experience with laptop style shorter throw and an excellent feel. Also wireless, rechargeable with months of everyday life between charging, and link 5. There is a matching mouse called the wireless premium mouse (1JR31AA). Same design, feel and link 5 to use single dongle not both. I have a pair both at home and work as my daily drivers with heavy usage and highly recommended. In fact we deployed to my entire team of 20. Avoid the slim (mid range) series unless you are looking for an older long throw style with spongy slow feel and a light plasticky device. Can not recommend those although cheaper. Spend the extra cash and you’ll be delighted.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I'm not aware of a standalone keyboard from HP that mimics its laptop keyboards. Apple and Lenovo both made such things, and still sell them even though their own portable keyboards have evolved since those designs.