I’ll be away through next Friday


Just a quick update on my schedule: I’m flying to Paris tonight (Saturday/Oct. 23) with my wife, and we’ll be flying home next Friday, October 29. This is our make-up 30th-anniversary trip, so I won’t be working normally. But I’ll still write a bit each day, and may even do Windows Weekly on Wednesday if it makes sense.

For Premium members, I’ve already submitted my article for Monday’s newsletter, but there won’t be any Ask Paul next week because I’m traveling all day that Friday. I will have a “What I Use” article about the trip at some point, however.



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4 responses to “I’ll be away through next Friday”

  1. mcerdas

    Ayez un bon voyage Monsieur Thurrot! While your writing will be missed, you have certainly earned a break. And congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. hrlngrv

    Shouldn't that have been Demander à Paul ?

  3. red.radar

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  4. darkgrayknight

    Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, and enjoy Paris together!