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Hi all,

The TWiT Alaska cruise is coming up and it’s going to disrupt my normal work schedule, sorry. Here’s what I expect:

  • My wife and I are flying to Seattle tomorrow (Thursday), so I’ll be out of the loop for much of the day.
  • We’re going to see Seattle with Leo Laporte and his wife on Friday, so I’ll likely be out of the loop for much of that day too. I won’t have time for Ask Paul this week, sorry.
  • The cruise leaves Saturday. Sunday is an “at sea” day with no connectivity, so that will be interesting.
  • I’ll be working as possible throughout the next week, but connectivity will be limited. Brad and I are going to try to do First Ring Daily 1-2 times if possible. And I’ll be working on the Windows 11 Field Guide, and hope/expect to publish the first public version during the trip. If not, right after.
  • We arrive back in Seattle the following Saturday, July 23. And then my wife and I fly home the next day, on Sunday.



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  1. vernonlvincent

    Have a great trip, Paul!

  2. SherlockHolmes

    Have fun and a safe trip.

  3. navarac

    Enjoy the trip and enjoy any internet-free days!

  4. simont

    You Holland America ship has either two or three satellite dishes just for data so on sea days you will have internet access, it will just be slow.

    Just remember to turn airplane mode on for your phone as the ship's cellphone mast system will turn on 12 miles out and data and voice roaming charges on CellularAtSea are EXPENSIVE!

  5. madthinus

    Bon voyage!!!

  6. anoldamigauser

    See the glaciers while they are still there.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    Thanks everyone. :)

  8. dougkinzinger

    Enjoy! It's lovely up there and weather looks decent.

  9. drewtx

    What are the odds on you buying an apartment up there too ? ;-)