[CLOSED] First Ring Daily 1000: Ask Our Wives (Almost) Anything (About Us)


Next Tuesday, February 23, 2021, marks the 1000th episode of First Ring Daily. To celebrate, Brad and I are taking the day off—I had recommended taking the next 1000 workdays off, but whatever—and our wives will take over. So if you have (almost) any questions you’d like to ask them (about us), this is the place.



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24 responses to “[CLOSED] First Ring Daily 1000: Ask Our Wives (Almost) Anything (About Us)”

  1. gregalto

    what is one thing we may not know about paul and brad?

  2. brothernod

    1) If you told your husband their next book had to be something you would voluntarily buy and read, what topic would they choose?

    2) The guys are obviously Microsoft and general gadget nerds, what are you guys nerds about?

    3) How do you feel about the Tesla now compared to before purchase?

  3. Nick Vlittas

    This is more of a comment than a question.... I think they should take over period.... So much easier on the eyes.... Just sayin'

  4. gstevenb

    I am an IT Pro and my dear wife will sometimes ask me to recount my day, in bed, to assist her in falling asleep when she can't do so easily. Have you ever asked your spouses to do the same to combat insomnia?

  5. andy72

    Is Paul such a gorilla he is saying he is? (The question is meant to be taken size-wise).

  6. slr1966

    What were/is the best devices your husbands gave or passed onto you?

  7. wbaggerly

    (You can call me Wes)

    Who is the best cook in the family?

    What's Paul's/Brad's favorite dish that you make?

    What's the best thing about living with a Technology Journalist?

    What's the worst thing about living with a Technology Journalist?

    Is it weird when you are with your Husband on vacation or a trip and they get recognized by a stranger? Are there any funny story you can share about one of these encounters?

    If your Husband had a different or second job, what do you think it would be?  

  8. Paul Thurrott

    Closing this down now.... Thanks!

  9. Robert-Hostetler

    What advice would you give to the folks that follow Brad and Paul to be better people and long term partners?

    What advice would you give to folks in similar relationships that you are in?

    What is the funniest tech related story that you can share about your household?

    What is the funniest non-tech related story that you can share about your household?

    What is on your shortlist of favorite possessions that have a high tech aspect to it? Why does it add happiness to your day to day life? For example, my wife really likes ThinkPads (durable and great keyboards) and using both Aftershokz headphones and Garmin triathlon watches (loves nature and exercise).

  10. sherlockholmes

    Dont do that. It will end in an endless discussion :-P

  11. Clarkb

    Stephanie, what is your favorite dish, and favorite cocktail, to order at The Trapp Door?

  12. madthinus

    I love this! So to both or either of the wifes:

    1) What about their jobs is weird to you?

    2) Do they have a really annoying aspect we never get to see?

    3) Is the pig drawing really that funny?

  13. bschnatt

    For Paul's wife: Do you sometimes feel like a Call of Duty widow? Paul *does* play a lot of video games... ;)

  14. matsan

    What is the limit (in $) of Paul's slush fund spending?

    How much would you allow him to spend to solve one of your problems?

  15. StevenLayton

    When you ask for IT help from your husbands, do they ever just suggest turning it off and back on again?

  16. jamie_webster

    Do you both put limits on there spending?

    Steph - Did the server(when it was in use) affect your electricity bill?

  17. olditpro2000

    Do you ever run into a situation at home where something that was working for months/years conks out suddenly because your husband is now reconfiguring/testing/moving some piece of tech around without warning you?

    Also, do you follow your husband's Twitter account? (If not you should. Paul is his usual witty self while Brad is just plain funny.)

  18. Chris_Kez

    How the heck did they rope you into doing their podcast for them?

  19. wright_is

    If I played video games a 10th as much as Paul does, my wife would kill me... You must be very understanding.

  20. Tiny

    Do either of you regularly listen to your husbands podcasts?

    If so, do you give feedback?

  21. mmcpher

    For both: Does the primal negativity ever get old? ;) Is Sonos really necessary?

  22. jnbck

    Did you know that your husbands have helped me keep my sanity since WFH beginning March 2020? Kudos to them for being reliably "on the air" daily when I need to hear a human voice. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do, and I'm sure others as well!

  23. eeisner

    For both of you: What piece of technology has your husband added to your life that you love the most and that you hate the most?

  24. jasecutler

    I should have asked about the pig drawing on the fridge....