CES 2018 So do we really need all this ****


So there is lots of stuff at CES 2018, but do we really need any of this stuff, or is it really a lot of clever fluff, that we [conusmers] don’t really need or will be soon discarded/ irrelevant in a couple of years ?


Should our Technology companies be trying to solver more relevant/ important causes ? – I guess its a Consumer Show, so thats what we expect. (Noting that Microsoft has moved on/ away from supporting CES)

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  1. John Scott

    I think its a waste, just a lot of gimmicky stuff, and niche products that will never be the next great tech products. I wonder how much of this stuff is even around a year from now? Yes probably a handful of stuff is actually innovative and could be interesting and useful, the rest is not.

  2. dave0

    Progress is incremental. Its a yearly show. Can't reinvent the world in 12 months.

    There is a lot of useless crap and its a lot of fun.

  3. vonronge

    You really need a $3000 robot dog!

  4. hrlngrv

    Just remember: today's stuff is next month's landfill.

    CES is the proverbial wall against which any company which is or wants to be a tech leader throws its stuff. Shame this year the walls appear to be teflon sprayed with WD-40.

  5. SWCetacean

    I really wish Nvidia would announce its next generation of consumer GPUs as the current Pascal ones are almost 2 years old at this point. I'm still holding on to my GTX 980 in the hopes that the next-gen cards will release this spring. But I realize that CES isn't the best show to announce something like that.

  6. rameshthanikodi

    Of course we don't need all of it, but some of it is cool. Like Asus's simple solution to a bezel-less triple monitor setup, Razer's project valerie, Nvidia's insane g-sync TV monitor, and of course, the first phone with a working fingerprint sensor under the glass.