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I know Paul has said he’s not interested in getting security cameras in his home due to the house swaps he does, a decision I understand and respect. However, a couple of days ago I was the victim of a break in, and so I’m now looking to set some up for myself. Primary concern is that I don’t want to do any wiring if I can help it, as I’m in a rental. I’d like 2-4 cameras, both indoor and out, a system I could start with only a couple and add to, with cloud storage. I have a Synology NAS for local storage, but obviously if they walk away with that the cameras are worthless.

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations in setting such a system up?

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  1. Brad Sams

    1. Sorry to hear about your break in.
    2. I have two Nest Outdoor cameras, very simple to use and setup - the downside is you have to pay an annual subscription fee for all the cloud services but for me, it's well worth the price for simplicity and features offered.
  2. robtillieit

    +1 for Nest, they're great and very fast.

  3. lvthunder

    If you want to use the Synology I would go to their forums and ask which cameras work best with Surveillance System. I can't imagine a truly wireless camera though. It needs to get power from somewhere.

  4. NoFlames

    Blink cameras are wireless on are good on batteries compared to Arlo. Blink cameras have audio recording to go with the video. Cloud storage included.

  5. Daniel7878

    I thought about homebrewing some set up with cheaper cameras, capturing and storing locally, etc.. But the hardware options and simplicity of the Ring camera options just won out in my head. Wired options, wireless options, battery/plug/hardwired, varying lights.. and a solid app.. I just couldn't justify the other route to myself.

  6. AnOldAmigaUser

    Having suffered the same issue, you might want to look at more of a security system, with sensors on the doors and windows. A system that makes noise is more of a deterrent. Once things are screaming, the perpetrators tend to leave. You might look at the SimpliSafe stuff, it appears to be rental friendly.

  7. robotraccoon

    Wyze Cam from Wyze Labs popped up on my radar the other day. They are former Amazon engineers with the goal of making low cost but quality consumer technology devices. The prices of the cams and the free service sound to good to be true, but we'll see. I've ordered one to keep an eye on my dogs during the day.

  8. sott3

    I've been happy with my Amazon cameras. I have three throughout the house. Everything is stored in Amazon cloud. All W-Fi so no cables except a power cord. I also added a Ring doorbell for up front.

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