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This Wednesday’s newsletter really kicked up the nostalgia talking with the quiz. The internet buzz about Gmail was crazy, it was even talked about on the news (TV news when that was a thing). The only way you could get a Gmail account initially was to get an invite hopefully. Fortunately, I got one. I have a Gmail account with my name, I was so stoked about it. Now because it’s an OG Gmail account without numbers etc. I get so much spam sent to it.

I was also off the day Gmail went live and I was able to get more accounts lol.

But Gmail offering “unlimited” space compared to Hotmail and Yahoo was “crazy”. I remember that counter ticking up showing how much space you or Gmail users could have something like that. I could have some of the details about Gmail’s launch because it’s been so long but it definitely was a big moment for the internet for sure.

I failed this week’s quiz though…😃

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