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With the site redesign looming, we need an edit function for Forum posts. Also posting to the forums remains wonky in general.

Yesterday I posted about Win 11. After I finished writing the post I went over it with my editor’s eye. I caught a few typos, fixed them, hit Post….then got the “oops we could not find…” screen. Which happen pretty often.

From experience I knew to wait a few hours to see if the post appeared. It did, eventually—but it was the first-draft version with typos, from before I edited it and hit Post. Darn near certain that’s true. And if we had an edit function for the forums, I could have fixed it….



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  1. Paul Thurrott

    We hear you. More soon.

  2. dftf

    "Edit" can be dangerous, as people can like comments, and the original poster can then edit the comment to something entirely-different. It would be safer just to have a "delete" option, so you can re-write from-scratch. Where a comment has replies, the replies would be retained, but the parent-comment would just appear as "[Comment deleted]" so as not to break the chain.