Favorite 2010s Tech and/or Tech Stories


What is everyone’s favorite, 2010 tech and/or tech stories?


The Acer Iconia 6120 from 2011.

It featured, dual touch screen displays, and was quite interesting. It featured custom software, tailored for the two screens.

The PlayStation Vita (2012)

The successor to the PSP. It was solid, powerful hardware, with great games. However, the peripherals were pricey and never truly took off. It also, launched in a time, when smartphones were prevalent.

The Microsoft Surface Pro (2012)

It was a significantly, more robust, innovative, and utilitarian tablet, over the iPad. It offered, a full computer experience, in a tablet form. Unlike, an Android tablet or iPad, the Surface could run full Photoshop and games, which was a game changer!

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