Girls who code banned by mums

I thought this might be of interest to Paul, as he lives in the area, the Girls who Code books have been banned in schools in central Pennsylvania. Books designed to provide a positive role model for girls to get them into coding have been banned from classrooms, allegedly by Moms for Liberty. What the heck?

Update: The MoLs got back to the register and stated they weren’t behind the ban. The book is now available in schools. There was allegedly some confusion, with the book being on an allowed list and a disallowed list at the same time. One of the alleged reasons was diversity – one of the books’ protagonists was of colour.

The spat has been resolved and the PEN said the book has been back on shelves for a year – it looks like the story took some time to boil to the surface and, whilst banning books in schools (books aimed at children, before somebody comes back with the Playboy angle again) is a very bad idea, in general, the story was actually no longer relevant for this specific case, when it hit the presses.

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