Good Games (the ones I’m good at) vs. Bad Games (the one’s I’m not)


Hi all. Well, now that the forums are basically back to normal (thanks for taking care of that, staff).

Anyway, anybody here every get into the game Super Meat Boy? I think the fact that I saw it in that one documentary is the reason I bought it.

Now, I’m not normally into platformers, but this one really has charm. But it’s funny … I found my “attitude” toward the game was changing minute by minute as I was playing it, depending on how good I was at that particular moment or whether I sucked. And it’s seems like, that’s how it is with games in general, and how it colors our perception … is there a relationship between difficulty of a task and whether we’re fond of that task?

Ultimately, I really started getting into it, and I have to say I really like it, even though it can get challenging.

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