Just lost my temper with a tech support scam caller


Hi all,

So my day didn’t even start out that great to begin with, since my car wouldn’t start and I had to have it towed to my mechanic. But about 45 minutes ago I got a call from a scammer, and I really lost my patience. Usually when they call I just say, “I know this is a scam, stop calling,” and hang up, but this time I decided to chew the guy out. Since he was smart enough to corner me with logic — he asked me how I knew this was a scam — I just retorted with the same logic, saying, hey, maybe unicorns are real? I’ve never seen one, but you can’t know about that which you don’t see, correct? Anyway, I kept telling him how good and clever the guy was (my voice getting louder and louder), and said, yeah, yeah, my computer has problems, sure it does. The icing on the cake was toward the end of the call when he launched his last salvo: He claimed he had my PIN. I said, sure you do. Stop calling. And hung up.

Sheesh … ya know, I’m normally a mild-mannered person, and I was a little shocked afterward that I reacted that way. But you can only take so much, you know what I mean?

Be on the lookout fellas, these guys are out there.

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