Messing with tech support scammers


Hi everyone,


Just to let you know, I’m with you on the fight against scammers that call you on the phone who claim to be “helping you with your Windows PC.”


A while back I got a call like that, so I decided to have a little fun.  I ended up telling the guy that I have a Commodore 64 and that I was connecting to the web with a modem.  When he heard that, he said “Oh, I see, sir.  Well, have a nice day.”




I’ve actually gotten multiple calls from those people, and my usual response is, “I know this is a scam, please don’t call again.”


Hard to know what difference one person can make, but we need to let them know we’re on to them.


Semi-related, I once picked up the phone when I didn’t recognize the number (assuming it was a telemarketer), so I decided to be a wise guy and I said, “Domino’s Pizza.”  The guy said, “Oh really?  What’s your address?”


I paused because I didn’t think he’d call my bluff, so I started saying something like, “123 Main Street” or something nonsensical, and he interrupted by saying, “Oh, I see you had to think about it, well tell ya what, we’ll call back at a later time…”


And I said, “Yeah, yeah” and hung up.


Modern life and the stuff we put up with.

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