New Amiga documentary?


This is mainly directed at Paul, but I’m sure it would appeal to most of us here.

Looks like there is a new documentary on the Amiga that recently came out.

Watch Viva Amiga

Looks interesting?

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    It looks freaking awesome!

  2. 2

    Thanks for this. I did buy this video and watch it a few weeks ago. It is very good.

    Also of note: Brian Bagnall, the author of the excellent Commodore: A Company on the Edge, is now writing a sequel called Commodore: The Amiga Years. I backed his Kickstarter, so I got early access to the first half of this book, and it's amazing. And worth reading if you're an Amiga fan. Those guys were decades ahead of the rest of the indjutry.

  3. 289

    Neat, thanks.  I also recently noticed an ongoing series about the Amiga over at ArsTechnica:

  4. 5501

    Cool.  Never owned one myself, but I will probably buy this video too.

  5. 289

    Christmas, 1986- I asked for an Amiga to replace my Commodore 64.  My parents got me a Nintendo. #seminalmoments

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      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      My only exposure to an Amiga was when a friend of mine had one back then, and he showed it to me.  I remember thinking that it was very nice, but at the time I was an infatuated with the Apple //gs.  They were kind of in the same ballpark I think.  Didn't get that back then either; but a few years ago I found a mint condition //gs on eBay, so I picked it up for a very small amount.

  6. 10524

    cool. never had one myself. but the video made me trust

  7. 10524

    cool. never had one myself. but the video made me trust