Odd text editing behavior in Edge


I thought I’d throw out a question to the expert users and readers at Thurrott.com.

I’m seeing some odd behavior in the cursor when editing text. The cursor moves in unexpected ways while editing text in a text box. Below is a gif of what’s happening. You’ll see that I start with the cursor at the end of the line. I used Ctrl-Left Arrow to move the cursor to the left to get to the beginning of the word “and” and click the left arrow (no ctrl key) to move the cursor directly to the right of the comma, and the cursor immediately jumps back to the end of the line. I can move the arrow past the word “over” and press the left arrow key, and it does the same thing.

And that’s not the only weird behavior I see. Sometimes, if I delete text, I end up with duplicate text elsewhere.

This is on Edge 87 (can’t update due to org policies). Doesn’t happen on Chrome, although I don’t use Chrome much.

Anyone have any ideas?

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