Stop Bashing Paul



Why are people BASHING Paul so much because he has an opinion and thoughts on tech.


I’ve been following Paul for a number of years now and over time have loved what he has written, enjoyed his podcasts and yes disagreed many times with what he says.


Now my only platform I have ever used is Microsoft and windows. From a desktop, laptop, tablet, zune, and smartphone. So yes its a very closed world that I have been part of.


I am a die hard Windows Phone Fan but, yes a very big but. I know that I will have to change at some point. No that isn’t really any everyday apps that I’m missing from my WP. But there are plenty I have noticed over the last year I could have used if they where there, but they are NOT. And I think it will only get worse. So yes I know I will have to change and for me it will be Andriod.


I have privately got annoyed plenty of times with some things Paul has said but are continuing to listen to him and his HONESTY in what he says. His logical approach as a tech journalist over I think 20 yrs, many anyway. He says it as it is. And as time goes on things I disagreed with mostly over time I have had to agree with him, not everything though.


It is really staring to bother me, that, I feel that many on this site are getting too personal with there comments in the way they have ago at Paul especially, not really noticed anyone bashing Brad yet. Personally some of the comments should be removed in my opinion.

If you don’t like what he says why do you bother reading his articles or listening to his podcasts. Just go else where for whatever you are looking for.


Yes we are all allowed an opinion on everything and yes we will not always agree. But there is no need to get personal as I think some are.


Yes this is my opinion and I’m sure many will disagree.


Lastly Paul and Brad keep up the good honest real work you are doing. Thank you for all you are doing.

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    So, thanks. But this is not something to think/worry about. People with thin skins have a hard time with humor. And people who made bad technology decisions have a hard time being called on that. You'll see it in the comments here. 

    The thing I think people forget is that i have a greater responsibility than the typical Twitter user or site commenter. Using Windows phone as the obvious example, I can't with any sense of credibility recommend anything other than that people should walk away. That's just good advice and common sense. It doesn't mean I take any particular glee in it. in fact, I was the platform's bigger supporter long past the time that it made any sense. 

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Genuine question...

      What would it require for you to begin recommending a Windows Mobile device again? I'm hoping the answer is not apps, because it if is, how is it different to the scenario when WP7 first launched with less than 300 apps? How would you be able to recommend any platform with few apps?

      There has to be some other factor, apart from apps, which would make you change your advice!

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      I was a huge fan of Windows Phone 2010-2013. The whole Youtube app fiasco is what drove me over the edge into Android and also iPhone. Why can't WP fanboys understand it boils down to Youtube?

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        In reply to MutualCore:

        It's not just Youtube. Snapchat also wouldn't create an official app for Windows Phone either. Regardless, the Youtube app fiasco wasn't of Microsoft's doing. That "honour" belongs to Google, and them moving the goalposts every time Microsoft attempted to follow the rules.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott: 

      You just wait, Paul. Windows Phone is going to make a comeback. Surface Phone will change everything around! If the Cubs can win the World Series, anything is possible! Just wait til next year!

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    Yeah, I noticed this in the December 2 Short Takes over at Petri. I'll be the first to admit that when I was a Windows Phone user, the hardest part of dealing with an issue on Windows Phone was to cut through all noise from the ridiculous fans that would always insist that there was nothing wrong with Windows Phone.

    Anyway, all Paul did was to point out that news outlets incorrectly reported that "investors" were "grilling" Satya on device strategy when the reality was that it was brought up by only two investors. But some of these Windows Phone diehards aren't okay with pointing that out.

    He also quoted the “Crowdsourced Moly X1 Windows 10 Will Redeem the Glory of Windows Phone” headline and just said that was the real headline. But again Windows Phone fans don't like that.

    Paul also took a shit on Chromebooks, Apple Maps, Twitter, and even Starbucks. But we didn't see comments from hipsters on iPhones at Starbucks using Apple Maps telling Paul that "we get it, you're not a fan".

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    I'm sure most of the Paul bashers have moved on and don't visit this site anymore (or that often).  They are off enjoying using their phones on their supposedly dead platform. 

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      In reply to Hondo:

      But how can they do that without a million apps? Surely they are just wallowing and wishing they had an iPhone, right? That's what listening to Paul has told me. We should all move to iPhone. Every one of us.

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    I will do no such thing :D

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    Well Paul always complaining how it sucks. When, of course, it doesn't suck.

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    Just ignore 'em.

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    I don't want to get into the entire Windows Mobile argument but I appreciate that Paul is able to offer critical and informed insight about the platform. Elsewhere we have general tech sites which just don't cover WM due to it's low marketshare, MS focused sites which only ever offer glowing praise without covering the downsides, and Apple sites which mindlessly bash it just because it's MS.  

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    I agree. I've disagreed with Paul on some of his comments, but his honesty also is what attracts me to read his articles. He has a great sense of humor on the podcasts he does, and I think he's got a good sense of the industry.

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    I will never understand people to complain about complaining...

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    Honestly, I think Paul keeps me grounded.  Sure, whenever you listen to other people there are instances where you may disagree or something may rub you the wrong way.  But this tech we love, whether it be from Microsoft, Google, Apple, whatever, isn't perfect, and he keeps reminding me of that.

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    Windows Phone/Mobile as we know it is dead. Paul has announced it is dead. He provided good analysis - at some point before its demise - that it was on life support and it was going to pass on. He followed up his obituary with confirmation that it is dead and buried. Why does he keep digging up the grave to tell us it is dead?

    I see the humor in calling out the failure of WP/WM. But can't we just move on? Can't we just all get along?!

    BTW I think Paul is generally very fair and balanced in his work - compared to most journalists, bloggers, etc. He is an excellent writer, analyst, reporter. He highlights the pluses and minus of tech better than most. Everyone has their own style and outlook. I don't expect any writer to fit exactly with my style or outlook.

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    Windows mobile is pretty much dead so when Paul is bashing the platform it feels as if he is kicking dead grandma. It is not nice.

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    Well written!

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    I think Paul's perspective on technology in general, and W10M in particular, comes from a bit of the hard knocks school.  I've actually been there, my technology path very closely mimics Paul's.

    By all accounts, he was an "Amiga guy", which I wasn't.  But then he abandoned the burning platform of Amiga and embraced OS/2 about the same time I did.  I don't know about him, but I left that burning platform for Windows 95.

    I've always backed the dark horse, the one that seemed more technologically sound.  I stayed with Blackberry too long, thinking they'd make a resurgence.  I jumped to a Lumia 920, then back to a Z10, then to an iPhone until I got my hands on a Lumia 830.  Now, it's a Galaxy S6.  I've backed dark horses.  I know I should know better.

    Paul has done that throughout his career as well.  He's stuck with Microsoft when it would have been easy and insanely profitable to write fawning articles about the latest Apple hardware.  His reporting on what Microsoft is doing going forward is excellent.  And his appraisal of technology - from anyone - comes from the same eye, one which has this massive soft spot and longing for Microsoft to get it right, and applauding when they, or their partners, do.   Witness the adulation that he pours over the HP Specter line, adulation that he probably wishes he could pour over the Surface Book, which was plagued with problems for many of its normal users.

    You may not like Paul's take on the industry, but I find him to be the right type of critical - being focused not on a platform, OS, ecosystem, or manufacturer, but focused on what is best for the user.  What is recommendable for the common, average user.  I don't agree with him on everything - I love my Surface 3, which he describes as the red-headed stepchild.  Heck, I loved my Surface RT.  (See?  I'm still backing losers...)  But I can see his points, and agree with his take on looking forward to how technology is used, not just what that technology *is*.



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    Shane "Why are people BASHING Paul so much because he has an opinion and thoughts on tech."

    First of all Shane why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Which I have done.

    Pauls first writings on windows phones led me to buy one, but latley his atitude on W10M and the new studio have kind of soured me. I mean ok the studio may not be for you (at $3000 and up at the same time you justify a $1000 phone), but for a great many "creatives" who can earn their living with it, its the best thing since sliced bread. On another note I did not pay money to read over and over about gears of war.

    Brad Sams on the other hand I am begining too read and watch much more who knows I may renew because of him.

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      In reply to rortech:

      Paul's writing made me get a Windows Phone as well (a Lumia 1020).  I still use it for photos, especially with the camera/battery grip.  Paul stayed positive about Windows Phone for as long as it made sense to do so, but time tells us that it no longer makes any sense at all.  Same goes for a lot of things - classic cars for everyday use, for instance.  I went Android rather than iPhone, although I dislike both.  I really don't like it but of course it does make sense.

      What REALLY does not make sense, is shooting or abusing the messenger! 

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      In reply to rortech:

      Paul is being consistent.  He always criticized Apple for being too expensive.  Not doing so on the Studio would be a change from how he evaluates hardware, he does the same criticism on the surface book. 

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      In reply to rortech:

      I really don't get what your on about. Put my money where my mouth is ?

      I don't see the relevance of your comment.

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    No, I don't think I will. Why not? Because Paul is far too arrogant and he acts like he has some universal truth on technology. He looks down, or seems to look down, on anyone who disagrees with his tech opinions. Others say bad things about WP, and that's fine. But Paul seems to be personally angry at Windows Mobile and the people supporting it.