Stop Bashing Paul



Why are people BASHING Paul so much because he has an opinion and thoughts on tech.


I’ve been following Paul for a number of years now and over time have loved what he has written, enjoyed his podcasts and yes disagreed many times with what he says.


Now my only platform I have ever used is Microsoft and windows. From a desktop, laptop, tablet, zune, and smartphone. So yes its a very closed world that I have been part of.


I am a die hard Windows Phone Fan but, yes a very big but. I know that I will have to change at some point. No that isn’t really any everyday apps that I’m missing from my WP. But there are plenty I have noticed over the last year I could have used if they where there, but they are NOT. And I think it will only get worse. So yes I know I will have to change and for me it will be Andriod.


I have privately got annoyed plenty of times with some things Paul has said but are continuing to listen to him and his HONESTY in what he says. His logical approach as a tech journalist over I think 20 yrs, many anyway. He says it as it is. And as time goes on things I disagreed with mostly over time I have had to agree with him, not everything though.


It is really staring to bother me, that, I feel that many on this site are getting too personal with there comments in the way they have ago at Paul especially, not really noticed anyone bashing Brad yet. Personally some of the comments should be removed in my opinion.

If you don’t like what he says why do you bother reading his articles or listening to his podcasts. Just go else where for whatever you are looking for.


Yes we are all allowed an opinion on everything and yes we will not always agree. But there is no need to get personal as I think some are.


Yes this is my opinion and I’m sure many will disagree.


Lastly Paul and Brad keep up the good honest real work you are doing. Thank you for all you are doing.

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