Thank you Paul Thurrott for showing me the LIGHT


This is from someone who has lived completely in the walled world of Microsoft for literally everything. ANd Ive loved it.

I am one of those true Windows Phone fans. Its the only smart phone ive had.Its the one Ive conviced plenty of people turn too. Yes I say I have all the apps that I need, I don’t need all those other ones on other platforms.

Well Ive listened to Paul for a number of years and came to a realization that I would have to change. Change from my Windows Phone to another platform.

I have a small tablet that can dual boot windows 10 or Andriod.

Yesterday I thought, after having it for a couple of months and not using the Andriod side, lets see what google and android have to offer. Well WOW.


With all honestly the first apps I downloaded where all the Microsoft ones. There awesome.

Then the amount of apps that are there that some no not everyday use ones but I now see what I have been missing and now wish I never bought my 950. Should have stuck with my 930 for longer.

Very soon I will be getting my new Andriod phone. The only reason I am doing this is because of Paul’s honest opinions. He helped me look at things with open honest eyes. And he looks at it for the personal user. Hes using his years of experience to help US.

To all those Windows Phone fans do you need apps, well we didn’t because there aren’t really any so we would have to say that.

Ok for the very very very few that is true, my inlaws perhaps. The easy way Windows Phone works is perfect for them.

Yes I love windows phone but now Ive been shown the light I now love apps and the amazing amount of ones that I could have used over the last year.

People open your eyes and just try it. You might just be surprised.


Thank you Paul Thurrott

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    Excellent point. Last year I finally dumped Windows Phone for the iPhone. It had to do with the terrible state of Microsoft apps on Microsoft's Mobile platform. Also Resuming... Resuming... EVERY APP. Inconsistent user experiences. No integration between Mobile Windows and full Windows. and on and on and on.

    Now I treat my iPhone like an appliance. No tinkering around and it works great. Stable, fast, good apps, and on and on. I do miss the UI of the Windows Phone, but not enough to deal with the mess involved in switching back.

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    Yeah. I enjoy all the software I can have on my iPhone.

    I miss getting to use Windows 10 Mobile though.

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      You should use both, then, like me. I swap my SIM out of my Idol 4S every other week and put it in my iPhone 6S Plus, but the Idol is much more fun to use. The iPhone now feels outdated to me and like a toy.

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        In reply to bbold:

        I'd have to purchase a SIM adapter, and then it would be either my low end 640, or my solid but ancient 820. 

        I use the 820 as a PMP at home on Wifi, plugged into my stereo. 

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    I had many frustrations with websites with embedded videos (this was back in the WM8 days, not 10).  They play much better on Chrome with Android!

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    LOL. You're welcome? :)

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    I've tried android, wasn't for me. Too many problem. Notifications not syncing, for a handfuls of times in 2 weeks when they did, it was only some gmail, not even all of them. It was inconsistent. 

    You can read it here

    I'm not gonna repost it here again.


    The other problem, battery life. It was a 2000ma. Compare with my 640 and a 2500ma battery. In 18 hours, Android used 23% batter life. And this was from 10pm to 8am, I had on do not disturb. Windows use 11%. Windows was receiving all notifications. 

    On android where I thought one setting would be, it wasn't. Even Windows phone 8 setting was more organized.

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    Apps are more or less useless for me nowadays, and I nearly always like to visit the site in a full browser on both my phones (which is an iPhone 6S Plus and an Alcatel Idol 4S.) I don't understand the continued appeal for apps. Sure, they are convenient sometimes, but they are almost always scaled down versions of the 'real deal.' Even on my iPhone, I find nearly nothing that my new Idol 4S can't do (except for 1 or 2 games) and for that reason, I am sticking with my Idol 4S Windows Phone as my main daily driver. I don't need apps, I have productivity and power. This is just my opinion, and I'm happy you're happy with your Android. Good luck!

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      In reply to bbold:

      Not having an app for something seems like a scary proposition nowadays as it has the potential to turn people away from a platform, but I understand what you mean about falling back to just using a website.  For example, I just purchased an Amazon Fire HD 8.  I use Todoist, a to-do list manager, and it doesn't have a native app in the Amazon store.  But when I log into the Todoist site with Amazon's Silk browser, tada!  It works fine.

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      Give me an example of where the mobile site was more useful than the app?

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    Well I have also moved on from Windows Phone (and Lumia 1020).. I now run Windows 10 mobile on Lumia 950XL Dual-SIM  instead.. 

    I saw the light years ago...I don't really need app. Sure I have some, a total of 5 installed, 1 or 2 I actually use.. but I could live without them .  But we all have different needs I guess. 

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    what phone will you buy?


    I am having trouble on Windows Phone Facebook app that is driving me crazy. Everytime I go to use it, it takes two attempts to get it started. First attempt just throws me to the start screen, second attempt brings up facebook. Just crazy.

    I will be shopping for phone in next year unless the 640 dies sooner. I will consider Android likely - had a Moto X before. I AM intrigues by the Windows 10 on Arm and could see myself going with a small tablet as my device - the one thing I wonder is will I have to get a BT headset. I have resisted that because I think it looks silly but more importantly it is one other thing to have to worry about charging.



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      In reply to Simard57:

      I'm having the same problem on my Idol 4S, but with both Facebook and Instagram. They don't always work 100% of the time. To be fair, I don't think this is a Microsoft problem, but a problem with the app creators and programmers. They need to be releasing updates to the apps, not just letting them wither and die.

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    Whether it's Android or Apple, it's the apps stupid. By that I mean you are absolutely right and the Windows Phone is dying a long slow painful death because of it. I recently went back to an iPhone for that reason and the fact that, although update to Windows Mobile keep coming how can Microsoft be serious about the platform. They aren't making phones and they aren't creating apps (at least not for Windows, maybe after they create iPhone and Android versions.) I don't believe that even a ARM version of Windows 10 would make a difference at this point.