Video Calling from the Livingroom.


General Feeler for feedback.

Since COVID, my family has become more welcoming to video calling since travel is very limited right now. We have been using skype. However, I grew tired of huddling around the laptop in the office or the coffee table in the living room. Has anyone figured out how to use the TV and put the webcam near the TV?

I have hacked something together with my laptop, tripod and webcam. It works but rather clunky and lots of setup and tear down involved. I have tried the raspberry PI but that ended in frustration. Really don’t want to go down the route of a HTPC or NUC that is quite the investment for a niche use case.

You would think you just need to hook up a webcam to a streamer device like AppleTV…roku or even smart tv. Alas it is not that simple.

Anyone have success trying something? or is the problem statement absurd.

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