Vivaldi is Really Nice!


I just saw Paul’s post about Vivaldi’s Mail technical preview. Wow I totally forgot about Vivaldi! I’ve been so into making the new Edge (I hate having to preference “new Edge”) my main coming from Firefox that I haven’t kept my ear to the ground for alternative browsers.

So I’ve been running it for about a week now and it’s really nice! I like how you can pop out video and it stays on top of everything. I like this so I can watch my podcasts but don’t have to mess with resizing a browser window so I can see it but still do have enough screen real estate for other things.

I think it’s faster than default Edge with no ad blocking extensions. I prefer Ublock Origins for it’s light foot print. But I haven’t installed any extensions other than 1Password and loads pages fast.

There’s a ton of customization options! I still haven’t had enough time to go through them all.

I’m still reading up on how Vivaldi is with user privacy but so far looks like they don’t collect any where near the user data that Microsoft does in Edge. Which is a big plus, not paranoid tin foil here, but the more privacy the better of course.

I like how you can preview a website just by mousing over your tabs! That’s great when you get into those right click yeah I’ll check that link out later moods lol.

The default bookmark management is on par with Firefox and better than Edge I think. I like how it shows a preview image of the link in the manager. Gimmicky, sure, but also very convenient for managing a ton of them.

I like the side bar button on the bottom left. I do miss the old bookmark bar on the left side of the IE. That was nice to have.

Have any of you tried it out and what are your thoughts? Thanks!

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