Why do we feel that Microsoft has to everything?


To expand on the title I am wondering why Microsoft fans, including myself, feel that Microsoft should compete in every facet of computer hardware? They are not a hardware company.

This question springs from the multiple comments that Microsoft needs to make an Echo competitor, the “Cortana Cube” as Mr. Sams has dubbed it. But why? What’s wrong with the Echo? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Microsoft to work with Amazon to bring Microsoft skills sets to that platform then try to design, build and sell their own? Or work with Apple and Google on their AI? Could we not ask Alexa, Siri, or OK Google (they really need a name) to do something like set a reminder then have Cortana remind you of that item if you happen to be on your PC or out with your phone.

We don’t need a Cortana Cube we need Cortana to work with all and any of our devices. I am dubbing this the Netflix approach. They have apps everywhere. By 2020 you will be able to catch up on House of Cards on your stove and wake up to Orange is the New Black playing on your alarm clock. 

Give me access to Cortana anywhere and everywhere (this means outside the US for [email protected]$k sakes). Have able to work with any email platform, stream music from any music streaming provider, set a reminder in any to do app / platform, set an event in any calendar and so on. Have her on my TV, my phone, my tablet, my Kindle, my PC, my car, my smart fridge, my whatever.

Limiting Cortana to Microsoft platforms and devices will not work. 

But then again what do I know.

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