Is GMail Down?


I tried logging into Gmail this morning at home and got the error below. I figured maybe something was screwy on my home laptop, but when I tried to access Gmail from my work computer, I get the same error.

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3 responses to “Is GMail Down?”

  1. snow.steve22


    As of 9:58 AM EST, it appears to be working OK for me. Perhaps try a different browser and perhaps try a different Google service (maps, translate, search etc.) to see if your experience is different with that.

    • JimP

      In reply to snow.steve22:

      Thanks for checking.

      I tried an Incognito window with Chrome. I'm able to get little further. But after I enter my user name and password, I get the same error.

      Google Maps is working for me, but I'm already logged in.

  2. Rachel Gomez

    Steps to fix if Gmail is not working -

    -If Gmail isn't working, often the only thing you need to do is to simply close your instance of Gmail and reopen it.

    -If you are in a web browser, close the browser, reopen it, and navigate back to the Gmail website.

    -If you're on a mobile device, close the app, and restart it.


    Rachel Gomez