Google celebrates 5 years of Kotlin on Android


Android Developers Blog:

Five years ago, at the 2017 Google I/O Keynote, we did something we had never done before: we announced official support for a new programming language to build Android apps with: Kotlin. It was great to see how excited the Android developer community was about this announcement.

Since then, JetBrains and Google have been collaborating around the development of Kotlin, and the Kotlin Foundation was co-founded by the two companies.

As highlighted in those initial I/O announcements, Kotlin is interoperable, mature, production-ready, and open source. It also has outstanding IDE support, as JetBrains develops both the language and its tooling.

Now, five years have passed since the original announcement. To celebrate the amazing language that now powers modern Android app development, we’re taking a quick look at the journey of Kotlin on Android. This post includes quotes from a handful of people who were involved in making Kotlin on Android a success, who are joining us for this celebration.

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