Google insulting our intelligence


Google recently decided that if you are not signed in to Chrome but you HAVE signed into any Google website in Chrome (Gmail, YouTube etc.), they will use that Google account to sign you into Chrome. They had some perhaps valid excuses/reasons for doing this, but this is the part where Google insults our intelligence and it all falls apart: when you open Chrome 69 for the first time, users should be greeted with a screen that says something like “If you are signed in to any Google website, you must now sign into Chrome with that account. If you do not want to sign-in to Chrome, click here to sign out of all Google accounts. Click here to learn more” . Instead of doing this, they just automatically sign you into Chrome without A) telling you that they’ve done this and B) giving you the choice to not sign in to Chrome.

They’re playing dumb and insulting our intelligence. Between this and Locationgate, Google’s attitude toward user privacy is disturbing, I honestly never thought the company would become this and I’m a bit depressed by it

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