Minecraft PE on a Chromebook?


With the Playstore now available on Chromebooks does anyone know if you can play Minecraft PE on a Chromebook and how well it works?

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  1. GeekWithKids

    Or now that they have Linux apps support full Java Mincraft?

  2. Jeffery Commaroto

    From my experience and what I have seen, no it doesn't work through the Play Store.

    I have an early Chromebook Flip and it has never been compatible.

    I believe you can sideload the APK if you switch to developer mode. You can also, I believe, run it through Crouton (A way to run Linux on Chromebooks). Eventually you should be able to run it through Crostini (Linux container support). However Crostini currently doesn't have audio or video acceleration and no one knows when that will come and what will work/not work.

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