Chromebooks in schools loved? Maybe not by the students


I was listening to Windows Weekly and Paul mentioned that the Admin, Teachers, and students all loved chromebooks. My sample size may not be huge, but from my experience Admin loves them, teachers love/like them and students are indifferent at best or dislike them often. The reasons that the students have for being indifferent or disliking them are not really the chromebooks fault, but they seem to blame them anyway.

Recently the district I’m in was doing school wide testing and a lot of the students were getting frustrated that their chromebook kept “crashing”. The chromebook didn’t crash, the wifi at the school couldn’t handle the load and the test was online. Each time it happened a teacher had to come log them back into the test. This was not the chromebooks fault, but perception was that it was the reason.

The chromebooks the district buy are cheap for good reason, but the quality and lack of a touchscreen puts students off also. Some of the software that is used shows multiple choice options to be selected. Students often select the wrong answer on accident trying to scroll down but the slider on the side is hard to select. I try to get them to use the arrow keys but they don’t always work and trying to get them to change is hard. Again, not the chromebooks fault but has an effect on the perception of the students.

A parent asked their kids if they’d like a chromebook for Christmas and they laughed and said no because they can’t do anything fun on them and that chromebooks were only for school. They can’t play Minecraft or Fortnite and this seems to be consistent feeling among most of the students . The perception is that the chromebook is locked down and used to do schoolwork and not much else. They ended up with iPads instead and fully expect that they’ll end up with a Macbook when they go to college.

As I said, small sample size and would say that most of the students appreciate that they have the chromebook for school work but have no desire to own one themselves. I would say that most do like Google services though and Google Docs which is probably more important to Google in the long run but they’d rather access Google docs from a PC laptop or a Macbook.

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