Connected a chromebook to monitor, mouse and keyboard


The combination works nicely and the apps seem to adjust very well to the larger screen. Still a few bugs but this system is very livable. Microsoft Apps adapted nicely and will let me adjust the sizes and look. Also, Apple Music, Spotify and Accuweather work nicely as well. Is this what Microsoft OS lite suppose to be like? Where will it get the mobile apps? Will the Play Store be included with Microsoft Always Connect OS?

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  1. lvthunder

    Nobody knows the answers to these questions. Why don't you wait until Microsoft lite OS has been announced and then you can ask questions.

  2. wunderbar

    Lite OS, or whatever it will be called, has not been announced yet, so no one has answers to your questions.

    That being said, the chances of the Google Play store being a part of Lite OS is pretty much zero.

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