Pixel 2 problems? Not me.


I have had my Pixel 2 XL for over a week, and so far, I…AM… been LOVING IT. I ordered my Pixel 2 XL, directly from Verizon Wireless, and received the phone on Thursday October 19th. Contrary to what I have been reading, I have had no problems at all. I was kinda shocked to read about these problems. The problem doesn’t seem to be an epidemic as was the exploding Note 7 issue, but we’ll see. 

Should people who pre-ordered this phone cancel it, because of the issues? LOL…NO. Why would you do that? People have to understand that Google wants to effect this space and wrestle marketshare control away from Samsung. Therefore Google will do whatever they can to make everyone satisfied. Afterall, they’ve done this in the past. Paul said that Google learned from Microsoft? No. They learned from Samsung and the Note 7 fiasco. When the experts, Including Paul, already wrote Samsung off as being doomed forever, the opposite happened. Google clearly learned from that. That’s why they have addressed this head on. People who pre-ordered this phone and cancelled are either overreacting or BLUFFING. It has to be either/or. 

For the sake of the people who are experiencing the problem, we should be absolutely happy that these issues are happening now. As a matter fact, you could even call it a blessing. That’s because had the issue arose later, rather than now, the isolation and identification of the issue would’ve been much more difficult to resolve and the steps to assure customer satisfaction would be a hard. Dependence on the Pixel 2, as one’s daily driver would have been solidified. Right now, Google is not only working to fix the problem, but everyone is getting a 2 year warranty. Not one year, but TWO YEARS! LOL…my phone is not having any problem, and I got 2 years on the phone. #twothumbswayup

Again, two years. 

Phones are a lot like cars. The cheap ones have warranties, where if something goes wrong, you take back it to the dealer to get it fixed and that’s it. However, if you buy a premium car, like a Mercedes, not only will the dealer fix it, but you’ll likely get a loaner, as well as some breakfast and lunch. LOL…that’s what I get, when I send my Mercedes Benz in for repair. The point of all that, is to not worry about the Pixel phone. The Pixel phones is a high-end premium phone designed by Google and outsourced for manufacturing by one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world, LG ….and HTC. Like Samsung, LG makes televisions, appliances, Smartphones, etc… The Pixel phone(s) powered by pure Android with the premium parts inside, justifies the higher price bracket as Samsung and Apple. Because this is a 100% Google product, which a brand that everyone knows, uses, and trusts…it should be considered a premium product. However, what makes a premium product isn’t just the product itself. It’s also the customer service and their ability to not just give a loaner, but also the breakfast and lunch for their customers as well. It’s all about quality – FYI, my Mercedes dealer also has private tv booths, computer station (to work while you wait), and free snadwiches and soda. Look there is quality and then there is QUALITY. IN this situation, Google is the latter.

In addition, I like the premium price tag of the Pixel. As a former Samsung Galaxy Note user, I can tell you this…the Pixel is 100 times better than the any of the Saumsung Galaxy S’s and Notes. The only thing the Samsung phones have over the Pixel (IMO) is the look and design. Other than that, it’s a straight sweep for the Google Pixel across the board. It’s faster, it’s more reliable, and it plays very very well with smarthome components. All in all it’s just a better phone…and that includes the iPhone.

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