the price of Pixel phones just doesn’t make sense


I prefer Android over the iPhone but as Paul has pointed out a few times, the price of the Pixel phones is too high. There are several reason but I wanted to mention 2 of them:

Reason #1: you only get 2 years of major updates! Today Google confirmed that the Nexus 6P and 5X will not get Android 9 (though I believe they still get security updates for another year?). I think that’s crazy, the Nexus 6P and 5X are still good phones and they deserve Android 9, it’s not like they came out in 2013.

Reason #2: performance degradation. Even Nexus/Pixel phones suffer from this! It was more forgivable with the lower pricing of the Nexus phones, but for the amount of money Google is asking for a Pixel phone, performance degradation is just not acceptable.

So even though Android has many advantages over the iPhone and I do prefer it, I’m switching to an iPhone 8 this summer when my contract is up. I don’t think Android 9 is going to fix the performance degradation issue, and for the amount of money Google is asking for the Pixel 2, I expect more major Android updates guaranteed.

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