Apps run faster on Android than on iOS?


I recently bought a Nokia 6 for someone, which comes with Snapdragon 430 and 4 GB RAM, and is upgradable to Android Oreo.

Of course with Snapdragon 430 no one expects much performance.

Geekbench reveals:

Single core 668

Multi core 2907

As for myself I use iPhone SE as daily driver.

Geekbench numbers for my iPhone SE are (there is no throttling because of battery, and I had factory reset the phone):

Single core 2503

Multi core 4358

Yet the OS and the apps are more fluid and responsive on the Nokia than on the iPhone! Not only that, they open faster too.

I have tested many apps: OneNote, Outlook, To-Do, OneDrive, Adobe Acrobat, Uber, FIFA etc. and the apps I use daily on my iPhone. All of them run faster on Nokia than the iPhone. I haven’t tested games though.

Is it because iPhone SE is an old phone and the Nokia 6 new?

Are apps written for Android extra-tweaked for performance?

Is it because of the RAM difference? iPhone SE has 2 GB while Nokia 6 has 4 GB.

Maybe on Android apps tend to become slower over time?

I mean, what’s the point of buying an expensive iPhone when you can get the same performance on a much cheaper Android phone? 

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