Nexus 6P Hot pocket


A few months ago my Nexus 6P was updated to Android 7.0 and my battery life suddenly plummeted.  

I’m a big Audible user and use it daily on my drive to and from work.  After the 7.0 update my battery would drain by about 20% on my 35 minute drive to work.  It didn’t do this before the update.  At work the phone would often get really hot in my pocket, the MS Next lock screen would always be active, and once or twice Audible would spring to life in my pocket.  

I tried resetting it and many other things, nothing seemed to work.

Just before Christmas, on a hunch, I removed the Next lock screen and I think that this has cured the issue. I’d been using the Next lock screen before the 7.0 update without issue.

Has anyone had this issue?  I can only think that the Next lock screen was at fault here, though the Audible app springing to life was also odd.  I’d still like to be able to use Next again, but don’t want the battery issues or hit pocket.  Thoughts?  


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