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A few months ago my Nexus 6P was updated to Android 7.0 and my battery life suddenly plummeted.  

I’m a big Audible user and use it daily on my drive to and from work.  After the 7.0 update my battery would drain by about 20% on my 35 minute drive to work.  It didn’t do this before the update.  At work the phone would often get really hot in my pocket, the MS Next lock screen would always be active, and once or twice Audible would spring to life in my pocket.  

I tried resetting it and many other things, nothing seemed to work.

Just before Christmas, on a hunch, I removed the Next lock screen and I think that this has cured the issue. I’d been using the Next lock screen before the 7.0 update without issue.

Has anyone had this issue?  I can only think that the Next lock screen was at fault here, though the Audible app springing to life was also odd.  I’d still like to be able to use Next again, but don’t want the battery issues or hit pocket.  Thoughts?  


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  1. 5812

    Any app can have bugs that stop the phone from sleeping causing massive battery drain. It's always best to install only one app per week. if you after a week your battery hasn't suffered then that app is fine. When you install more than one app it's hard to find which app is the cause. Any OS updates can cause issues as well so if you install an app and have an OS Update that makes it harder to figure out. I had massive battery issues my self recently on my 6p with the most recent Nexus 6p update to 7.1.1 but within a week it's gotten a lot better. I took my 6p off the charger @ 4:45 am and it's now noon. I'm down to 39% I have 2h 30 min of screen on time so far. I work in an office and most of the time it was docked and plugged in next to my pc. That may have killed a bit of the battery since this is over a yr old. 

  2. 5615

    It's natural to suspect the OS when issues crop up immediately after an update; however, in my case (with a Nexus 5X) it has usually been a specific app that caused problems (perhaps in conjunction with the update). I've had 3 distinct instances of severe battery drain issues since I've owned the phone and each time it was an individual app that apparently was causing the problem (Facebook, MapMyRun, and Google's News & Weather app) -- completely shutting down the app or uninstalling it (when possible) solved the problem in each case. 

    Often, an app update seems to fix the issue. The News & Weather app has been updated several times since it caused my battery issues. I've been using it lately with no problems at all. I haven't re-tried the Facebook or MapMyRun apps; I've since found alternative apps. You might want to see if the Next app has been updated lately and give it another try. A quick check of your battery use in Settings should tell you pretty quickly if it's still causing problems.

  3. sam smith

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  4. Nicholas Kathrein

    I use mostly the google apps and a few others. After a big update like version 6 to 7 or now the new Android O (version 8) I'll update and then do a factory rest and start off fresh. When I do this it fixes many issues you might get as everything is installed new like a fresh phone.

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