Pixel 4a or 4?


With Pixel 4 prices dropping online, which would you get to replace a Pixel 2?

Pixel 4a at $350 or a Pixel 4 at $600-650

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    What is more important to you, better camera or better battery life? If you choose battery life, you might be better off getting the 4a. For camera, the Pixel 4 because of the telephoto lens. It's a tough choice because Google outfitted the Pixel 4 with too small a battery.

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    Pixel 4a, and I may do the exact same thing this fall. But, I would always recommend waiting, if you can, until the 4a is on the street and we learn of any initial bugs/problems. I would never buy a new phone at launch unless the deal was amazing, and I haven't see any deals like that yet.

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    Google announced last week that the 4/4XL is done. They don't have any more stock and if you find any stock by partners, it is runout stock.

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