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I recently left Sprint (and thus Samsung for the first time in 5+ years) and signed up for Google Fi and purchased the Nexus 6P.  I like the phone for the most part (a little too big for my hands).

Love the Fi service but the coverage in my area (Boulder) is lacking a bit. My understanding is that Verizon is the only one who has spent the money running lines up the Canyons.  When I trek into the mountains I never have service but all my Verizon friends do.  So I think i’m flipping to Verizon. And I think i’m going to try and grab a Pixel.

So, who’s buying a pixel? 

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  1. Paul Thurrott
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    Paul Thurrott Alpha Member #1 - 3 months ago

    Me. But I feel a bit weird about it. Very expensive, not clear what real world benefits there are over Nexus 6P. Granted, I don't have the connectivity issues you do.

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      jr.flynn Alpha Member #424 - 3 months ago
      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Paul what you are describing is basically like every iPhone upgrade I've ever done (and I've had all of them with the current phone being the only one I've ever decided to skip). Always expensive, usually not tons of new capabilities but if you have the money why not.


      You always review these things as a realist and discuss the new gee whiz stuff without screaming that the old device is useless. Improving an already good device, where is the downside (aside from money)?

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      Tim Alpha Member #20 - 3 months ago
      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      I'm told it has a robot that will make me pancakes in the morning and clean my car out for me all at the command of my voice.

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    Ergodesk - 3 months ago

    I did!

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    JudaZuk Alpha Member #2098 - 3 months ago

    not a chance.  If nothing else the design is straight up ugly .  iPhone clone in the front, complete mess in the back.

    Why would you put a fingerprint reader on the back, and then just next to it choose a glossy material, basically designed to catch fingerprints?

    Apparently "designed by Google" actually means designed by morons without any sense of design at all.  Maybe let HTC design the phone, not just build it next time? 

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      Winner - 3 months ago
      In reply to JudaZuk:

      I have a Nexux 5x and I can't tell you how much I love the fingerprint reader on the back. I take it out of my pocket, holding it normally, and it is unlocked before I'm looking at it. All with my hand holding it comfortably.

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      JudaZuk Alpha Member #2098 - 2 months ago
      In reply to Winner: Sure if you never feel the need to unlock the phone when it is sitting on your desk, then a fingerprint reader on the back is fine I guess,  but the issue I have is the glossy background next to the fingerprint reader.  it is also stupid to have a glossy material where the camera is.   Can cause extra reflection if you try and take a picture through a windows for instance.  I don't understand the point of the glossy area at all on the Pixel. 


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    roland - 3 months ago

    Most likely getting the XL from Verizon this week. (Going to go in store to have a look at it). Had the Note 7. Then the replacement Note 7. Then the lack of a Note 7. /sigh. They shouldn't have let their military division add features to it. 

    Performance-wise? From what I've been hearing, the Pixel will be on par or better. Camera might be about the same; Just missing the stylus and the "That's a 5.7" screen? it's smaller than ..." form factor.

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    jaylesh27 Alpha Member #1586 - 3 months ago

    I ordered the "quite black" Pixel (5 inch).  I seriously can't wait to get it.  I have a car that is Android Auto compatible which I like a lot and the 5 inch size is perfect for me.  Also, the Microsoft apps for Android are top-notch as well lol.  And by all reports, the camera is quite good.  After two years of having a mediocre smartphone camera, this is the thing I'm looking forward to the most.  I admit, the price is high but I think it will be worth it for the camera and the guaranteed security updates from Google.

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    JerryH Alpha Member #248 - 3 months ago

    Just got a shipping notice from Google today for my Pixel XL. I have a different use case than many. My kids (22 and 20) aren't to the point where they buy their own phones yet. So I and my wife get a new Nexus (now Pixel) every year and the kids get a 1 year old device. So they all end up being used for 2 years. But it gets me a new toy every year. I'm on the 6p now and waiting for my Pixel XL in a few days!

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    Polycrastinator Alpha Member #163 - 3 months ago

    We ordered one for my wife to replace her Galaxy S6 with a cracked screen. Samsung rot has really reared its ugly head on that phone, as well as the screen, and it only lasts 3 or 4 hours on a charge. For a phone not even 2 years old, it's really unforgivable, so I finally persuaded her to move away from Samsung's bloated Android build to something better. I'm a year into paying for my 6S, but I may get whatever Google releases next year.

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    johnh3 - 1 month ago

    I would be interested in a Pixel phone. But they are not avaible in all markets like here in Sweden for example. So I bought a Sony Xperia XZ (yes the fingerprint sensor are enabled on those here) 

    The Sony skin for android are close to stock Android on XZ, thats why im not going for Samsung with their Touchwiz.

    Might be a Pixel in the future if they will expand to other markets.

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    wolters Alpha Member #390 - 1 month ago

    I tried the Pixel after two Note 7 recalls. I ultimately moved to the Moto Z Force Droid. Pixel was speedy but it had some significant Bluetooth Issues and the camera wasn't all it was cracked up to be, IMHO. Took more bad shots than good ones. While the Moto Z is slower, the quality is on bar or better than the Pixel. 

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    Sprtfan Alpha Member #153 - 2 months ago

    I did and really wish I didn't.  I was going to get a Samsung S7 but Verizon had a promotion going that let me get the Pixel for $200 cheaper than the Samsung.  I didn't realize at the time that a lot of people are having problems with the Pixel connecting via blue tooth in cars.  After looking online and stopping in at a Verizon store, the issue is with Android 7.1 and they are working on it.  Not sure when it will be fixed though and wished I had waited.  If you are looking into getting a Pixel, I'd want to be able to try it out first or wait until there is a confirmed fix.

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    bmertz Alpha Member #622 - 2 months ago

    I just got a Pixel. I used to have an iPhone 6. Primarily, I was a Windows Phone guy until that came to a crashing end. I have found that I like the Pixel much more that the iPhone. An I like Project Fi a lot too.

    One BIG complaint is that I have not been able to tell Google Assistant to shut up. I work in a cubicle in a quite area, and Google Assistant is way too easy to summon, and I keep bothering my colleagues with it. I really hope they five us a way to turn off the assistant soon.

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    gamersglory - 3 months ago

    I don't see a need as most of the hardware is very close to my 6P and the price is just rediculus. 

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    jstavropoulos - 3 months ago

    I'm planning to buy one now. Was a windows phone user from the beginning of time. Moved to iPhone for the last 6 years. Deeply dissapointed with iPhone hardware reliability. I swear at Siri daily but it does work for me most of the time. I've had many android phones for testing purposed but not to rely on. I'm going to take a leap with the Pixel I think. Waiting to look at it in person this weekend and then ordering. I'm looking for a voice assistant, better functionality on my pebble steel watch (I don't like the apple watch), and a good fast camera. The VR is interesting also.  If i can fire off a picture quickly, respond to email, ensure OneNote works well and it understands my voice, I'll be happy.

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    andrek Alpha Member #707 - 3 months ago

    ordered XL 0ct.4 just fascinated with the direction their going with AI. Will keep you informed (still die hard windows junkie)

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    Sprtfan Alpha Member #153 - 3 months ago

    I think the Nexus 6P should work on Verizon if you want to make the move with out getting a new phone.  Unless the Nexus 6P that you buy when signing up for Google Fi is different than buying an unlocked one from Amazon?

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      Polycrastinator Alpha Member #163 - 3 months ago
      In reply to Sprtfan:

      Google Fi phones have custom firmware to deal with the network switching. I don't know if you can just throw a Verizon SIM in and have it work without flashing to a different build. At least that's relatively easy with a Nexus.

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      roland - 3 months ago
      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      You may have to factory reset it when switching to/from Fi service. (I thought I might've seen that nugget of info on Fi's help pages)

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      Tim Alpha Member #20 - 3 months ago
      In reply to Sprtfan:

      This actually occured to me today...

    4. Paul Thurrott
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      Paul Thurrott Alpha Member #1 - 3 months ago
      In reply to Sprtfan:

      This is true.

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    markbyrn Alpha Member #1320 - 3 months ago

    I'm getting one to satisfy my tech hobby craving but I don't think it will sell any better than the Nexus 6P - perhaps less given the cost.

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    maethorechannen Alpha Member #377 - 3 months ago

    It looks like a nice enough phone, but not for 600 quid.

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      offTheRecord - 3 months ago
      In reply to maethorechannen:

      Some of us are expecting one or both models to be discounted at some point for the upcoming holidays -- U.S.-only, of course.

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    WP7Mango Alpha Member #2513 - 3 months ago

    Not me!

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    slartybartmark Alpha Member #2486 - 3 months ago

    I'm getting the XL. Had both the 5x and 6P and used both on Verizon in CO. Your coverage concerns are valid. I live in Northern Colorado just south of Fort Collins. I have horrible coverage via Verizon. I have to use a network extender to even make or receive calls and the LTE version won't allow you to create an ACL (yet), so everyone within 1500 feet of my house gets to use it. I keep opening network trouble tickets, but they say it's an issue with each individual area and who's willing to have a tower put up. SOL basically. Coverage is great in Fort Collins, and likely is in Boulder as well, but venturing outside the city has proven to be sketchy at best. Your mileage may vary. Best of luck to you.